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Fragile and Damaged

Directorial Debut of Luis O. Juarez

A provocative and distressing exploration of the dynamic between an immature man and an altruistic woman, "Fragile and Damaged" tells the story of an emotionally-blocked and avoidant young man who attempts to convince his responsible and motherly girlfriend to abort their baby.

This 17-minute short film is the directorial and writing debut of producer and cinematographer Luis O. Juarez. "Fragile and Damaged" stars Devin Hite, Ariel Celeste, Joseph Gulikers, and Gretchen Bruner

Key crew members include Director of Photography Glen Archer, Grip and 1AC Brayden Milam, Intimacy and Stunt Coordinator Kate Busselle, and Sound Mixer and Production Assistant Manuel Maldonaldo

Written in the summer of 2022 and filmed in the fall, "Fragile and Damaged" completed its post-production in the spring of 2023. It's been submitted to several festivals and awaits their status updates.

The film's title was originally "What We Want and Don't Want" but has since been changed to "Fragile and Damaged."

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Festival Appearances

Screenings of "Fragile and Damaged" at the festivals its been accepted into:

FLY Film Festival - Enid, OK - Saturday, August 5th, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

Great Plains Film Festival - Yukon, OK - September 8-10, 2023

More to come!

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View the teaser trailer, screenshots, and BTS photos below!

Fragile and Damaged: Text
Fragile and Damaged - Teaser Trailer
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Here are some screenshots from the film!

Lensed and lit by Glen Archer and Brayden Milam

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Fragile and Damaged: Text